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Dustin LindenSmith

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barley nose

On Norah Jones

The appeal of Norah Jones' music has always been slightly lost on me. Not that she doesn't have a beautiful singing voice and such, but I find a lot of her music to sound the same, and to vary seldom in mood. Her oeuvre seems only to be comprised of quiet, melancholy, country-inflected ballads. It's okay for a tune or two, but I can't take a whole album of it.

Then I got an e-mail from Amazon about her newest recording, and there was a video clip on the page of her singing one of its songs. And I realized that I've really never seen her perform. And seeing her perform is a totally different bag. She's sort of mesmerizing. And about fourteen times more beautiful and sensual than I ever imagined. She must be fun to see live.

Check it out if you're interested. She's a pleasure to watch.

Incidentally, for those who didn't know, she comes from interesting parentage. Her mom, who raised her, has been a dancer and a producer. Norah was the product of a nine-year relationship with the master Indian sitarist, Ravi Shankar. She had very little contact with him during her childhood or musical development though, so her talents weren't nurtured by him. But still, that's a pretty interesting dad to have. More info here.

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vyus January 31st, 2007
live performance is how i got into sarah mclachlan (i can never spell her name).

some folks are great performers even tho their studio recordings just feel flat.

iamom January 31st, 2007
Sarah McLachlan (you spelled it right) grew up here in Halifax, where I currently live. Despite the fact that she was an introverted, half-Goth drama geek at her high school (i.e. not socially connected, considered awkward and strange, etc.), she is now considered to be a big hometown hero. She comes back very seldom though; I think her parents still live here or something. A friend of mine bumped into her walking in the park one Christmas.

And she also comes across way hipper in live performance, although I dig her recorded stuff more than Norah Jones'.

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