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Dustin LindenSmith

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blue glasses

The Police are back...


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dani_namaste February 13th, 2007
it's still just Sting to me. he's so dreammy...

iamom February 13th, 2007
Yeah, he's like 50 or something and still looks fantastic. Must be all that hardcore Tantric sex he's reputed to have with Trudie Styler.

dani_namaste February 13th, 2007
He's a funny dude too. Did you ever see him on Conan? They went into this weird "in the future" skit where the two of them just ragged on each other. During it, Conan made some lame joke about how Sting can make love to his wife for 12 hours straight, and Sting responded with, "and Conan announced today that he can make love to himself for 12 hours straight." HA!

(Deleted comment)
vyus February 13th, 2007
now you've got me wondering which may fare better -- van halen or the police?

my best is van halen will be the big train wreck.

vyus February 13th, 2007
there's still some energy there. good performance.

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