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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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Looking for a designer to build a CD jacket for our quartet's demo CD

I just posted this to the graphicdesign community, but there might be some designers reading this blog who aren't reading that one, I guess.
As a long time reader and occasional commenter in this community, I'm aware of several members here who make quality design. I'd be happy if one or some of them were interested in responding to this inquiry of mine.

I'm the sax player in a local jazz quartet, and we're producing a 5-track demo CD to be released this spring. Our objective is to use the CD as a press kit unto itself, referring to the band's website and providing contact information for booking and other inquiries. We plan to insert at least one band photo, short bios of the quartets' musicians, and a track listing with short recording credits as well.

The design aesthetic we're hoping for is somewhat retro -- think 1970s funk/jazz fusion with Herbie Hancock. I've assembled some rough drafts (REALLY rough -- I'm no designer myself) of the sort of approach we're interested in: it's crisp, with clean lines, containing bright or earthy and ideally 70s-inspired colours. We like to refer to the group as AST, and would like some sort of logo/wordmark for that name, as well.

Just to be up front, I have a design budget in the range of $150-$300 US for this job. My guess is that an experienced designer could assemble something within 4-8 working hours, but of course that's highly variable. At any rate, if there are any designers who could furnish me with some examples of similar work and/or express an interest in working with me on this project, please comment here with your address. Time is not extremely of the essence; if you could complete the project within a 1-2 week time frame, that would be just fine.

Dustin LindenSmith
Halifax, NS, Canada

cover (preferably without band photo, but with us much good design as could be injected into the wordmark for the group and the overall aesthetic)

band photo (I picture this across the middle of a two-fold cover, with thick lines drawn between each artist and their bios, which would each be printed above and below the photo on that page)

alt band photo/bio layout (this would require 4 good head shots of the band, which I don't have -- but it shows the desired sort of aesthetic)

alt band photo

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djwarchild February 22nd, 2007
I'd be interested in working with you ...
my sample page Avalon Creative Arts my email address is on my page.
how would I get paid though ? and what images do you have for me to use.

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