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The (ahem) inaugural podcast for ulisten.net is now online

I built this site nearly a year ago now, but have only now produced my first podcast for the site. It features a Jaco Pastorius track called Come On, Come Over that I've already presented here before. But the podcast has a bunch of my speaking on it, too.

The download page and description of the track is at this page:

A direct link to the podcast itself in MP3 format (4.5 MB) is:

I contemplated a naming structure of just 001.mp3 for the filenames, but I thought if anyone (like I often do) downloaded the MP3 file itself to listen to this, then they might appreciate a naming convention that's more logical. Even though the ID3 tags are populated.

I'll try to keep releasing one new track each week, and then once I have a critical mass of tracks on there, I'll start promoting the site more widely. But please feel free to send the link to anyone you know who might dig that track, please.



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