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Dustin LindenSmith

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Did Gmail miss the time change?

Has anyone else noticed that Gmail's time stamps are an hour behind right now? Is it possible that they forgot to make the time change yesterday?

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vyus March 12th, 2007
wouldn't be surprised. my alarm clock, which aligns itself to some govt atomic clock automatically, didn't reset. i had to switch it to mountain time in order to avoid resetting the thing.

also, time.windows.com is off.

iamom March 12th, 2007
also, time.windows.com is off.

LMAO!!!!! That's hilarious! I gotta admit, I don't think that reflects well on anybody, that two major services like time.windows.com and google's clocks didn't get set properly. Yeesh...

baal_kriah March 12th, 2007
The U.S. Naval Observatory's clock, which I use to set my timepieces, had no problem with the obscenely early Daylight Saving Time.

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