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Dustin LindenSmith

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April Fool's, by LiveJournal


Verrry funny. A conversion to a MySpace-style layout, an automatic addition of bradfitz to everyone's friends list, and more. The funniest part is the comments from people who didn't realize it was a joke. 1,613 comments on that post so far, and counting.

By the way, what a tribute to bradfitz's memcache programming that a single post can get so deluged with views and comments and not ever crash. Try that with Blogger or WordPress. Forget about it!

LJ rawks. From a technical perspective and otherwise.

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willowing April 2nd, 2007
oh it was a joke?

i think the sad thing is that i didn't think it was a joke and it didn't suprise me!! ack.

iamom April 2nd, 2007
Well, I have to admit that it got me for a minute too, even though I'd just been reading Google's April Fool's jokes. But the part about adding Brad to everyone's friends list and the screenshot of the new LJ page layout that looked exactly like (although aesthetically much better) MySpace tipped me off that it was a joke.

mimesis April 3rd, 2007
huh. can't believe i missed it. well, maybe next year!

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