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Dustin LindenSmith

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How do I determine the age of a website?

As a volunteer project for my daughter's daycare centre, I'm doing some research into what constitutes good design for daycare websites. One of Google's first picks yielded this (obviously outdated) page on the subject. But despite the copyright notice stating 2004 (which MUST be a renewal -- this site looks circa 1998 to me), is there a way to definitively determine the creation date of a given web page?

I viewed the source for the page but didn't see anything obvious. Is there a way to discover the actual date stamp of a given web page?

By the way, if anyone here has any experience with developing (or seeing) a well-designed daycare website, please do reply with sample links, won't you? Looks like we're going to be doing a lot of our own creative, here. (Even with the depth provided on this page of Top 100 Preschool Sites...)

Edit: I had to add this site for further breadth to my examples. Make sure your speakers are on for the MIDI magic...

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twid April 17th, 2007
One way is to check the site on archive.org.


This shows the last updated archive.org scan was Jan 2005. Unfortunately that was the first scan too, so the site could (and probably is) much older. But for a lot of sites that method will work fine.

You can also just wget the file and it will preserve the date stamp. In this case the build.htm is stamped Jan 25 2007, so it has been touched recently.

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