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Dustin LindenSmith

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Roller coaster

These have to be watched in order, such as I just watched them, to have the desired effect. I feel so weird right now after watching these two videos.

First, from wtf_inc, this video, which is among the strangest things I've ever seen, and yet strangely artistic and dancelike at the climax (no double entendre intended). I really can't imagine what on earth has motivated these dudes to work up this strange ottoman-humping routine. It is truly weird. (My fave comment from the wtf_inc post was, "They had better enjoy that ottoman. That's about all they will ever get to hump if the girls see this video."

And second, via dani_namaste, this quite moving snippet from the British version of American Idol (which I believe Simon Cowell started first, before launching the US version):

Isn't that a twist to watch after the first one?

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savia June 23rd, 2007
Yeah, I was going to say the same thing - it's Britain's Got Talent, which explains why he's singing opera. ;)

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