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Dustin LindenSmith

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blue glasses

a short clip of Stephen Colbert out of character + a blonde moment


This comes from a short backstage segment filmed before John Kerry's appearance on the show. It's fantastic hearing Colbert prepping Kerry about what he'll be like while he's in character. Colbert can be Borat-like in his perseverance to stay in character whenever he's on film.

The blonde moment is this one, in which Ms. South Carolina (pageant unknown) provides a truly stupid response to a question about Americans' inability to point out the USA on a world map. And was that Mario Lopez from Saved By The Bell hosting there? He kept a straight face with some difficulty, I see.

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mimesis August 29th, 2007
the pageant in question was Miss Teen USA. i haven't had a chance to watch with sound (maybe this weekend), but it must have been a doozy. the Today show gave her a slot the next day, and let her answer the question again.

if you find a transcript and feel like posting it, i'd be much obliged. :)

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