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Dustin LindenSmith

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zoe at 4

First day of big school for Zoë

Z started big-kid school yesterday, a.k.a. Kindergarten, in French Immersion at Shannon Park Elementary in Dartmouth. Even though she's used to the experience of daycare, this is much different. She has to take a school bus, for one. She's such a sensitive little girl and the reality of the first days of school didn't live up to her expectations, I don't think. It's a bit jarring for her, being with such a big class (26+ kids) and also in French, plus the bus ride is a harrowing new experience for her. Totally broke our hearts to see her sitting on there alone... She's so shy when she's in new situations, it'll take her a little while to get introduced to the other kids on her bus and to get to know them a bit.

It's bittersweet here at home, because although I can get more stuff done when Z's not here (Max still naps twice a day), I really miss having her around, too. I recognize that from here on out, I'll get to spend less and less time with her, and it's sad for that to sink in. We're having fantastic reunions at the school bus stop at the end of the day, though. And it's pretty neat to see her go through such a hugely new experience. This is the first real moment of sadness I've had for her, though. I was in a pretty melancholy mood yesterday when I was here at home, alone.

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awesboss September 9th, 2007
Great post.

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