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Dustin LindenSmith

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bad john


I barely ever watch TV anymore, but one show I love to watch, for some reason, is Dog The Bounty Hunter.

I also like to watch Cops.

Please forgive me.

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blue_by_you October 3rd, 2007
After a recent Dog the Bounty Hunter Marathon, I went in to my office (where I work with 2 Hawaiians) and said, "Hey Bra'!" I'm a reality show junky but not so much cop shows since I had a life time of that. Still, we could have worse addictions, yeah?

willowing October 3rd, 2007
i forgive you, if you forgive me for liking charmed, buffy the vampire slayer and for having downloaded all episodes of uk big brother this year! ;)

iamom October 3rd, 2007
All is forgiven, my child.

grammardog October 3rd, 2007

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