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Dustin LindenSmith

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Max's 1st Birthday next week

Max's 1st Birthday Invitation

Max's first birthday is next Wednesday, and we're having a little party for him a week from next Sunday. He just started walking a week ago, and he continues to be the world's cutest baby.

To tell you the truth, recent reviews of Zoë's videos and photos from that age reveal that she was just as adorable as he is now. That makes it obvious to me that I'm a different person now than I was then, because I can appreciate Max a lot more than I could appreciate Zoë at that time. I'm far more patient and sweeter towards Max than I was towards Zoë. I don't beat myself up over that, but I do notice it. Max and his upcoming little brother should be appreciative of how Zoë helped me build up my parenting chops so that I could be an easier-going dad for them. :)

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millennialhippy November 9th, 2007
omg, he's absolutely adorable. Both of your children are seriously handsome!

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