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Dustin LindenSmith

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bush hunger strike for nepal

Nondual Highlights Podcast #1

I've enjoyed making those recordings from Nisargadatta in the past few weeks, and I've decided, at Jerry's suggestion, to begin recording a simple audio podcast for the Nondual Highlights. It's my intent to release a new one at roughly weekly intervals, and for the moment, it will consist simply of me reading selections from the Nondual Highlights which I find to be the most notable -- a sort of "Highlights of the Highlights," as it were. I believe that all of the selections I chose for this inaugural podcast have been recently posted by me in nonduality, as well.

In time, I'll set it up in a legit podcast format so that people can subscribe to it through iTunes etc. if they wish. For now, if you happen to listen to it, I'd love to hear any feedback (positive or negative) you might have. The first podcast is roughly 10 MB in size and is 8:42 in length. Download or listen here:


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iamom November 23rd, 2007
Hey man, thanks for offering that! That's a great suggestion, I'll check it out, and if I use some of it, I'll credit you in the podcast.


ommango November 24th, 2007
Nice selections, and your voice is very soothing. Thanks. I am pleased that you will continue amking recordings.

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