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Dustin LindenSmith

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Nonduality Podcast #4 now online

Howdy pardners.

The fourth podcast for the Nonduality Highlights is now online. It's under 10 minutes in length:


In this episode, I've read selections from Issues #3003 and 3004 of the Nonduality Highlights, both of which were edited by Mark Otter. These feature a reminder by Robert Adams that everything is as it should be, a dialogue with Francis Lucille, and a bit from The Niz which I recognize from having recorded parts of it in Jerry Katz's Nisargadatta Song of I Am.

Also included in today's podcast is musical accompaniment by the great Miles Davis Quintet. Freddie the Freeloader is the second track on that seminal album from 1959, Kind of Blue. Hailed by some critics as the greatest jazz recording of all time, it marked the first recorded introduction of modal music and extended-form improvisation into modern jazz. The album also showcased the ripening talents of a 23-year-old tenor saxophonist named John Coltrane, along with a fascinating young composer and pianist named Bill Evans. Both of these artists, as with so many of the band members Miles selected for himself over the years, went on to have outstanding careers in jazz music. Each of them made superlative contributions to the genre.

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