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Dustin LindenSmith

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Christmas 2007

We had a great Christmas this year in our new house, with my wife's parents visiting from Calgary for two weeks. We kind of went hog-wild on gifts this year too, with three major big-ticket items of a pro espresso machine, a new camera (with a 50-mm fixed focal-length lens which I'm IN LOVE WITH), and a new vehicle! (The latter wasn't a Christmas gift so much as a planned necessary purchase to accommodate our upcoming third child -- we just happened to find this amazing deal on an '06 model that we couldn't afford to pass up. And my goodness, what a beautiful vehicle it is, even though I'm a little scared that David Suzuki is going to egg my house sometime soon.)

Santa brought the kids an ensemble of musical instruments and toys this year, and the biggest hit with both Zoë (age 5) and Max (age 1) has been the little Karaoke machine. They both love singing into the mic, although while Z sings actual songs, Max sort of growls, grunts, and howls into it. It sounds not unlike whalesong, actually. And it's terribly cute to watch them do it together.

Some of the cuter pics are under the cut.

A timer shot at the lake behind our house

The kids with their grandparents on Christmas morning (check out Max's cute little button-down shirt!)

Z gazing happily at her own copy of The Polar Express

The kids with their Santa hats on

Their first concert with the musical equipment Santa brought

Portrait of Zoë

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vyus December 27th, 2007
omg, too cute. way too cute.

you make family life seem palatable ;)

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