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desperately seeking iPhoto replacement

Hi everyone,

I've never enjoyed using iPhoto, primarily for how it stores and manages the source files for my images. Before I switched to my beloved MBP a couple years ago, I filed and named all my images manually with Windows Exploder and used the excellent Irfanview to view and manage and manipulate all of my images. It worked great, because I had total control over everything.

Now that I'm fully on this Mac though, and it has been literally months since I've booted up my old PC, I really need a better app for managing my several thousand photos and images on my Mac. And iPhoto's not cutting it for me anymore. It's so bloated with its gazillion copies of originals and mods and God knows what else that it now takes about 20-30 seconds to launch and to shut down. In short, it sucks and I'm sick of using it.

So, could any of you photogs out there who have over a thousand images recommend their favourite media management apps for the Mac? Google searches have only revealed stuff like Lightroom (is that any good?) and Picasa, but the latter appears to be Google's clone of iPhoto, and that's not what I want. I want an app that doesn't create multiple copies of each image file every time I crop a photo or remove red-eye. Something that gives me some nice batch editing features like resizing a bunch of photos or renaming a slew of them to a certain convention. Plus something that gives me cropping, lossless rotation, and basic colour editing and enhancement settings.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions. Much appreciated.

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mimesis December 31st, 2007
if you find something you like, do post about it. i have the same complaints about iPhoto.

if i could afford it, i'd get the Adobe package that includes photoshop. while it's not really the same as a simple snapshot editor, at least i can save images quickly, open them later and edit, compare versions side by side, and not have the bloated database intrinsic to iPhoto.

iamom December 31st, 2007
I'm aware of ways in which you could obtain CS3 for no cost, if you're interested. I'm not really interested myself, because I feel like there'd be a big learning curve -- I've never been a PS user at all.

If you do end up getting PhotoShop, there's an app in there called Bridge which apparently serves this need quite well. I may end up using that in the end, I don't know. Another that was recently mentioned and could be quite useful from what little I've read is called Photo Mechanic. Read a bit about that one and see what you think.

I'll certainly write about what I end up trying, though. I'm sure we're not the only ones fed up with iPhoto.

mimesis December 31st, 2007
free? and it works? no trial period expiration date? i would love to hear more:
mimesis AT livejournal DOT com

i learned PS by bits and pieces on my (now dead) ThinkPad. now that i've gotten a macbook, i can't transfer my backed up software to the new computer.

i'll look into Mechanic, too.

thanks for the info!!

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