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Dustin LindenSmith

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Canadian bus stabbing


I suspect that googling "greyhound" right now only brings up this story of a man who was beheaded on a Greyhound bus in Western Canada this week. After reading the story and being reminded me of what terribly sick freaks there are out there, I saw that the police had the killer cornered on the bus for three hours, until they finally grabbed him when he broke a window and tried to escape.

Okay, like of all the damn times it would be okay to use a bloody Taser, wouldn't this be the time? Two passengers tried to get back on the bus with crowbars to stop the guy, but he was flailing his blade around wildly and they couldn't. A Taser, however, could make quick work of that situation, couldn't it? For chrissakes, they Tase that poor Polish guy to DEATH in a Vancouver airport after he got lost and disoriented; why wouldn't they subdue someone who had just cut someone's head off?

I was trying to imagine what I'd do if I were that witness from the row in front of the killer. The only thing hard enough I'd have to hit him with would be my laptop, probably, and I'd like to think that I'd swing it as hard as I could like the proverbial iron frying pan in an attempt to knock him unconscious. The first look that the witness saw of the victim was after he'd been stabbed upwards of 40 times -- obviously that killer needed to be stopped ASAP, but even then, it was probably too late. Poor guy.

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Greyhound bus Incident

(Anonymous) August 1st, 2008
I said the same thing to some guys at work today when we were talking about this Incident, I think their guns would have been a better idea than their taser's.......Oh well here goes another $60,000 per year of tax payers money to keep this phycho In jail and then let him out on parole in 3 or 4 years so he can do it again.

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