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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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nothing is wrong; nothing is ever wrong

There's an inherent perfection in everything that we do. If we step back from ourselves even if but briefly, we can see that whatever we are doing is our best effort for that moment, and the results of our actions are the perfect response to the environment around us at that moment. Everything is perfect as it is, and everything around us is unfolding as it should -- nay, as it only can: the only way it could ever unfold, according to its nature.

I can look at my life, my hopes, my dreams, my closet, and see directly into their true nature of perfection. I observe that they are each and all enacting nothing but what they are meant to enact at any given moment. The vicissitudes of my daily life are all perfect manifestations of nature itself, and I recognize them as such at every moment of the day.

It can be a bit trance-y, sometimes. I admit that. But this understanding has been known to me for many years now, and it has never wavered or weakened in its intensity in all that time. Despite all the other trials I may have endured in this life, this understanding has never faded; only deepened. For that reason, I hold it to be self-evident: it is something which I have experienced firsthand, and which I know to be true.

OM shantih

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dizziedumb August 17th, 2008

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