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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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the middle path

Most of the time, my mind is actively churning through thoughts on a variety of topics. I've discovered that I'm an 'ideas guy' anyway, so I'm constantly running through different concepts, creations and ideas in my head.

With respect to my ordinary, everyday physical life, I find that my mind is naturally drawn to pairs of questions about what I should do next. "Should I eat this, or that?" I ask myself. "Should I next work on this project, or that one?"

Invariably, there are two opposing concepts at the basis of each of these questions. One concept might be called good (a.k.a. what you know the 'right one' to be) and the other might be called bad (a.k.a. what you might want to do more, even though it's a less good choice all things considered). However, if there's a middle option that falls roughly halfway between these two choices, then I think there's merit in choosing that middle option.

Walk down the middle, and you'll find balance. Strive too hard for the good or let yourself fall too often for the bad, then you become inherently unstable, ready for easy upset. Stay rooted in that middle path, and you stand firm like a mountain.

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_ananda_ September 9th, 2008
Thank you. This was very helpful.

vyus September 10th, 2008
people sometimes wonder why "good" isn't always best.

personally, i think people can get just as entangled in samsara doing good as when doing bad.

iamom September 10th, 2008
Yeah, I totally agree with that. I think working at the extremes is bad, whether they're extremes on the good or the bad.

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