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Dustin LindenSmith

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on the vetting, or lack thereof, of political candidates

Interesting story in this morning's news about an NDP candidate who resigned after extensive (and I mean, extensive) video footage was found on PotTV.com which shows him smoking pot while driving, taking LSD, and so on. The CBC reporter presenting the story said something like, "This information could have been found easily enough simply by Googling his name."

When Sarah Palin was announced as the Republican VP candidate pick in the US presidential election, I found myself aghast at the lack of background checking that had apparently been done once the extent of her background was eventually revealed over the days following her selection. I thought to myself, "What are these GOP organizers doing, putting in someone with so little experience," etc. and so on...

The same thoughts apply to this case, except substitute NDP for GOP. My stomach churns in sympathy for those working in Jack Layton's office this morning. Lotta weird feelings must be swirling around today as they push past this (ahem, unfortunate) event and move on.

(Incidentally, in the former case involving Palin, I'm no longer convinced that it was incompetence on the background checker's part that allowed Palin to slip into the VP candidate slot; I pretty much think that picking her was 110% on purpose, and that the GOP felt that her huge attraction from the conservative right in that party would at least outweigh these nitpicking little details about her past. Undoubtedly, this should turn out to be true.)

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blue_by_you September 18th, 2008
I agree completely.

baal_kriah September 18th, 2008
As long as the candidate was openly in favor of cannabis and LSD legalization I wouldn't mind it. Too many of our elected officials are on meth or crack. Mellower drugs would make for a mellower government ;-)

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