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Dustin LindenSmith

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on BC's revenue-neutral carbon tax

I'm just listening to a CBC Radio One podcast of The Sunday Edition, hosted by Michael Enright, and one of the participants on his panel was describing how BC's new carbon tax works.

He said that the average person is responsible for about 5.4 tons (or tonnes? not sure which) of CO2 each year. At the moment, the price per ton (tonne?) of carbon offsets is only $20. So for about $110 per year, the average person can purchase enough carbon offset credits to negate his or her carbon emissions for the year.

In BC, each taxpayer is given a $100 cheque in advance of this carbon offset investment. Then everyone's taxes are increased by $100, and this $100 is put towards a carbon offset investment. In theory, this will make BC a carbon-neutral province!

Is this too good to be true? I'd like to hear more details about it.