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delete bush?

a lot of goosebumps, some happy tears...

...that is some of what I've been feeling about the United States having just elected its first black president. I was driving home from a late rehearsal when the California polls closed and the election was officially projected. I wanted to start honking as though my favourite team had just won the Stanley Cup, but the streets were nearly empty so I didn't.

This is A Truly Great Moment In History, even though it feels totally natural as I watch it unfold. As recently as two years ago, it would have been ridiculous to accept as reality the notion that there would be a black man in the Oval Office. And yet in the past two weeks, it has become obvious that this would become the case. And here we are, watching it happen. How remarkable!

I most love watching peoples' reactions. One of the talking heads on CBC Radio last night was in tears. Oprah's happy, stunned silence at Obama's acceptance speech. The expression on McCain's face during his concession speech (Is it possible that even McCain was happy with the outcome? He looked it...) It's so great to see people moved in a happy direction about the president instead of the opposite.

I have trouble feeling anything but optimism over the possibilities that lie before this new president. In particular, I can't help thinking that America now has a chance to change its role in the world significantly, and that its reception worldwide will be much different now that Bush will be replaced by Obama instead of McCain. True, Obama is taking the helm at the outset of what looks to be a bloody awful storm [economically], but he might just have the charisma and concensus-building abilities to put the right pieces into place, domestically and abroad. Hopefully he does, anyway!

God bless the USA.

(And how nice that I get to retire this userpic forever, too? It is no longer needed!!!)

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rhondak November 5th, 2008
Since Bush's economic policies are still set for another 2 years, the fact Obama can uplift and has vision is key to this process.

I think McCain had begun to feel really ashamed of his party and the people who came to his rallies. I felt he was uncomfortable and even saddened by it all.

baal_kriah November 5th, 2008
Carter was also a very intelligent man of good character. What gives me greater hope with Obama is that I think that in addition to those qualities he has the ability to lead and inspire in a way that Carter, for all his good intentions, could not. It's likely that many leftists will be disappointed by him, but many fearful members of the center-right will be pleasantly surprised. With some luck, he'll be reelected in a landslide.

mimesis November 6th, 2008
hey, keep the icon until January 8th.


you can always use it as a send-off.

millennialhippy November 6th, 2008
I swear, McCain and Palin looked secretly relieved that they didn't have to be president and VP.

grammardog November 11th, 2008
While the rest of us looked openly relieved!

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