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Dustin LindenSmith

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If I die a bacon-related death, I'd like it to be because of this

A new recipe for you. If anyone makes it, please send pictures. And check out the first commenter's suggestion about improving the recipe by battering and deep-frying it...


I also noticed this awesome gallery of comb-over photos on there. What a rewarding website this is! (Found through popurls.com)

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Bacon death

(Anonymous) December 12th, 2008
Deep fried bacon isn't so faroff. At a fine dining establishment in portland oregon, Abi and I had bacon "fries" mmmmm... almost worth the drive back.


baal_kriah December 12th, 2008
I hate to admit it, but if that is ever made around me I will eat too much of it. Of course I would prefer it with organically fed, nitrite-free bacon :-)

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