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LJ in danger of collapsing?

Weird. I've read that LJ has laid off several staffers and that it's going through hard times, and a bunch of people are nervously trying to download or back up their journals. Only thing is, most of the protocols don't appear to be working all that smoothly, and none of them are easy on a Mac. I don't even have a PC anymore -- or at least, I do, but it's mothballed in my furnace room.

I just scanned quickly through some old entries to see what I have here, and I realized that you know what? I don't think I'd miss any of these entries if the whole thing went up in smoke. I used to have quite a strong attachment to the words I wrote in here, but I'm not so sure I'd be that broken up about it if they were all deleted.

I would, however, miss the connections with all the people on here that I've made. Although in that respect too, most of the friends I made earlier in my LJ times (2000-2003 was when I was the most active, I think) are either gone from LJ or have drastically decreased their participation such as I have.

Could anyone who's reading this post who knows me or feels a connection to me from the past please comment here and/or send me an e-mail (iamom at livejournal dot com) with your contact info? I'd love to stay in touch after the fact, and God knows what's really going to happen to this fantastic forum. In the meantime, if I have time and the inclination, I'll try to download my journal for posterity's sake. 1,628 journal entries dating back to June, 2000. Wow. This could be the end of an era.



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vyus January 7th, 2009
yeah, i miss the days when all we did was post softcore porn.

those were bonding times.

actually, i don't stay in touch with people at all; i don't "find time" to email or whatever without adult supervision. but if you have a facebook account, give up name or email, yo.

iamom January 7th, 2009
Facebook! I didn't even think of that. I'm on there under my name, Dustin LindenSmith. Look me up, brotha!

(And thanks for replying -- you're mos def one of the peeps I'd like to stay in touch with, in whatever way.

mimesis January 7th, 2009
i suspect that the LJ community is overreacting to the news of staff layoffs. (What?! LJ overreacts?????????!!!!!!) ;)

rawteeth January 7th, 2009
Wow. Virtual reality be damned. I have a ton of entries, too, haha.

rawteeth January 7th, 2009
PS, I always like reading your posts and it will be missed if shit does hit the fan.


jaipur January 8th, 2009
LJ in danger of collapsing?? Huh, you're the only person on my friends list spreading that rumor... I'll drop you an email with my email, though. Good idea, whether LJ is up or not.

iamom January 8th, 2009
To be clear, there's no evidence that it's collapsing, only that it's laid off a bunch of staff. That just doesn't bode well, is all. But it's probably not going anywhere. Hopefully.

You're one of my very first friends on here, you know. I think you were like one of the first 10 or so I ever added.

jaipur January 8th, 2009
Really? :) :) Funny how life goes on. I was realizing I've been reading one of my friends here from the time she was a sophomore in high school, and she's now working on her PhD. Ups, downs, growths, challenges, and I have no idea what her name is... You at least have spilled the beans on occasion so I could probably find you if I really needed to. ;)

grammardog January 10th, 2009
I'm around!

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