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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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heh heh

Someone on my flist posted something about Religulous recently (was that you, dizz?) and when I saw this comic it reminded me of her.


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seraphimsigrist October 20th, 2009
quite true in a way. or of course if the soul is immortal
he likely is alive but not here.
one could make,and I expect the intended joke is in,
parallels to the resurrection of Jesus but surely in
each case the terms are very different arent they...
the accounts of the resurrection (for that matter
I have heard none as to jackson) the nature of
the hope, of the 'worship' (I have never met anyone
and never hope to who worshipped jackson in any
deep sense of the word)
in fact item by item the differences are so great
as I would think to evacuate the joke of sense no?...

dizziedumb October 20th, 2009
that was me

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