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Dustin LindenSmith

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Tha Carter III, Lil Wayne

Okay, I'm sorry, but WHAT the hell is all the hype about for this album? Has anybody here heard it? It has been hyped as Lil Wayne's best album and as one of 2009's greatest rap albums, but really, I think it's mostly crap. By my rating system, out of 25 tracks in total, I've got seven 3-star tracks (which means it's listenable, but not very good) and two 4-star tracks (which means it's quite good). The remaining 16 tracks are all pure garbage. I don't see the appeal. I think rap music might be dying on the vine. At least the mainstream stuff. A new album from a band called The Knux is much, much better. It's called Remind Me In Three Days... and I've got one 5-star and two 4-star tracks rated out of the first four tracks. A world of difference, but it got like no notice aside from a mention in Rolling Stone's top 50 albums of 2009. (Or was it 2008? I can't remember now.)

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jdquintette January 6th, 2010
The remaining 16 tracks are all pure garbage.

I wouldn't get too loud about that around here. Every single student at the high school down the street from my house (Mcdonogh 35) can perform the entire album word for word.

And half of em got guns.

iamom January 6th, 2010
Well, they're letting their standards drop, I tell you. The album is really, really not worth the hype. I heard that Lil Wayne has hundreds of tracks he's recorded over the past two years, and that this album represents the best of the best. Well hell, his producers need a wake-up call, seriously. It is simply not good music. Unoriginal, non-innovative, derivative garbage. (And this is coming from a real rap fan, honestly!)

rawteeth January 7th, 2010
It's because he's marketable to white teens and they eat that shit up, mate. The hype has nothing to do with the quality of the songs, but the quantity of albums his record company wants to sell. :)

iamom January 7th, 2010
Damn, I never really thought of that angle. How sad for the musical taste of white teens, then. It must just be about making their subwoofers bounce in their sport imports. Or feeling like they're bad-ass for listening to a real gangsta like him.

Man... How unfortunate.

(Deleted comment)
iamom January 13th, 2010
You know, I didn't consciously make the connection that The Knux and Lil Wayne were from New Orleans. I'm glad you dig the album though. I think it's fantastic, and agree that some parts remind me of "good" Outkast also. There were a couple moments when I thought I heard André 3000 on there, it was so similar. But the beats and underlying production are fairly unique, all things considered. Non-derivative, quite original. I like the album a lot.

Thanks for the book referral, too. I'll add it to my list. The first and only time I visited NOLA was in June 2004, a few months before Katrina, and I thought it was one of the most fantastic places I'd ever been. I actually didn't get to see much good music there, but I totally loved the vibe of Louisiana and the food. Damn, the food in New Orleans is amazing.

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