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I just got a flyer in the mail for a company that offers housecleaning services, which they outline in detail in case you're not certain of what that means:

surface cleaning (countertops, dusting)
receipts provided

And then at the bottom, it says this:

Licensed electrical, dump trailer, bobcat and snow removal services also available. As well as Koi fish sales.

WTF??? Come do my housecleaning, electrical and excavation work? And while you're at it, buy some of our Koi fish? What the hell even IS Koi fish?

Edit: I just looked up Koi fish. It would appear that they're a form of ornamental Japanese carp. I'm guessing that they belong in a tropical fish tank or something. Holy crap. Nice marketing plan, really. Top-notch.

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starskin March 9th, 2010
Nah, you can keep Koi fish in a pond outside. They're pretty hardy. But expensive!

hai_kah_uhk March 9th, 2010
Koi are all over China. Corporate buildings and city parks, pubs and museums build a pond somewhere on the property, indoors or outdoors (I found one in the pavement under the fire stairs of a bank), throw some koi in it, and voila, instant attraction. Never in tanks, though. Restaurants keep fish in tanks, but those are dinner.

mimesis March 10th, 2010
There's some property owners that seriously haven't a clue how to take care of their properties. So, sadly, the extras you list -- like dumping, snow, and electrical -- make sense to me. Basically like someone merged a maid biz with a landscaping biz.

I've seen koi do just fine in northern Illinois, as well as at high altitude in New Mexico. Both places are fresh water, and freeze over for the winter. Interesting extra, although not one I'd have expected.

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