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Dustin LindenSmith

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Herbie Hancock videos

This first is a music video of his tune, Hang Up Your Hang-Ups, which features fantastic film footage of New York City in the 70s:

The next one is one of my favourite tracks from one of my favourite albums of his, 1978's Sunlight. This track is called I Thought It Was You, which deploys his use of the Vocoder, a synthesizer voice patch. From the looks of the video, I have a feeling he wrote this song with the intention of it becoming a pop hit (Wikipedia says it was a hit in the UK).

One of my all-time favourite tracks of his is from the same album, Sunlight, but it's called No Means Yes. I can't find any video footage of it anywhere, but a YouTube video of the album recording is here, featuring the unbelievable album cover. Listen especially to when the entire groove unfolds around the 1:00 mark:

I have that record in vinyl, and the back cover features a photo of Herbie surrounded by all of his various synthesizers, with an inventory listing of all of them on the record sleeve. When I watched him interviewed by Elvis Costello last year, he laughed about all that and said that he runs absolutely all those old analog synth patches from his Yamaha Motif synth and a laptop today. Incidentally, I once rented a Motif for a recording session and lost about an hour of my life just playing with the bass sounds on it...

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vyus March 16th, 2010
groovin' this morning.

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