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Dustin LindenSmith

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Thomas Ray, Professor of Zoology and Computer Science at University of Oklahoma, defines nonduality

From Issue #3837 of the Nonduality Highlights, today edited by Jerry Katz, comes this lucid definition of nonduality among several others from a new 3-DVD box set called Science and Nonduality Anthology, Interviews of Participants at the Science and Nonduality Conference 2009. I like the idea that it's actually duality that requires explanation and not nonduality.
Thomas Ray, Professor of Zoology and Computer Science, University of Oklahoma:

Nonduality involves absence of self or sense of self and the feeling of oneness or unity with everything, with the universe. I've believed that nonduality is just the plain truth. The universe is one thing and we're all part of the universe and that it isn't nonduality that needs explanation, it's duality that needs explanation. In fact, there is a mental organ that produces duality, just one. Without the activity of that mental organ, we would experience nonduality as the normal state.