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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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visions, activity, connection

I've been having these weird trips lately about selling this house. I always think so far ahead of myself, you know? Like, I'm talking about what it'll be like when we have babies here, and what our next house is going to look like and where it will be, etc. Don't take that literally, by the way - B's not pregnant - but I'm sure you know what I mean. Always connecting the dots, looking at what's coming up next...

I think these are just activities to keep my mind occupied, though. If I didn't have these things to think about, my mind would disintegrate from my body and I would disappear into the oblivion from whence I came.

the visions come and go
they keep me integrated with the world
let go, and i'm gone

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dlbags August 14th, 2001
I was wondering, as I have been for some time, what is your name?


iamom August 14th, 2001
My name is Dustin. Pleasure to meet you.


dlbags August 14th, 2001

Welcome back!

seekerofsages August 14th, 2001

....Ah, yes.... the "next place, next house" mind game---I know it well.

We have subscribed to some really interesting "local" newspapers in pursuing that preoccupation.
I think the best was the "Taos News"--one whole page was completely in Spanish.
The "Port Townsend Leader" came in second--old hippies never die!


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