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Theophilus London

I've just heard about this NY-based producer and rapper named Theophilus London. He seems to be unsigned at the moment, just spreading the word by word of mouth. I just downloaded his mixtape last week and have been enjoying several of the tracks quite a bit.

Here's the download link:

I first got turned on to him from a video of this nice and funky slow jam he does which features a girl dancing the audience that I sort of fell in love with (she reminds me of my wife, to be honest) and just couldn't stop watching:

Life Of a Lover from Theophilus London on Vimeo.

Damn. That track's on the mixtape, too.

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vyus May 4th, 2010
kind of reminds me of these guys, but not really -- obvious differences:


iamom May 4th, 2010
Hey, that group was mentioned in an interview this guy gave I read, but glossed over. I like that. Thanks for the referral.

rawteeth May 5th, 2010
i like the song.. but the video annoys me so much. haha.

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