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Dustin LindenSmith

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bush hunger strike for nepal

Door-to-door atheists descend on Salt Lake City

wickenden, I wish they'd reached your place...

Door To Door Atheists Bother Mormons - Watch more Funny Videos

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grammardog May 22nd, 2010
Haaaa! I loved the second half of this.

iamom May 22nd, 2010
Me too! The preamble was too long, but the door-to-door stuff was awesome. I get the Mormons here a few times a year, and it tickles me enormously to imagine doing this to them. The righteous indignation of some of those people... like, does it actually not occur to them that when they're proselytizing, it seems just as freaking insane to us?

I have some neighbours who are Mormons actually, but they're among the sweetest, friendliest, and non-intrusive family I've ever known. And once they invited us to a party at their house which included mostly other Mormons, and I was totally taken aback by how wonderful everyone was. So I don't know who the subset is that does the missionary work, but this particular bunch was awesome.

Still makes me want to do the door-to-door thing in Salt Lake City, though. I think that'd be so funny.

dizziedumb May 23rd, 2010
the reality is that they do indeed not understand how unwarranted, obnoxious, and just plain weird it is to impose their beliefs on others at times of the day when we might be otherwise happily occupied. much of the time i just humor them by sharing a snip of my own personal beliefs, which then develops a sort of friendly inquisition on my part. by the end of these fine five minutes they're not only convinced that i'm going to hell, but they've been politely refuted the opportunity to blather on about the latest issue of "the watchtower." or "awakenings," or whatever pseudo-spiritual hate garbage they're passing for god's word these days. lately when they ask if i'm familiar with the bible, if i'm feeling particularly cheeky i'll ask whether they've ever heard of the tao te ching or the bhagavad gita.... or the koran? anything by confucius? how about the studies of mercia eliade, joseph campbell or terrence mckenna?

the answer is unfailingly no.

iamom May 23rd, 2010
I don't know why I've never thought of doing that! Bring him inside and read the Gita to them or the TTC. Last time it happened though, I was standing at the door, holding one baby in my arms with another clinging to my leg, one in tears, clearly I was totally busy, and they just launch into this freaking tirade like a telemarketer, without asking if I want them to, if this is a good time, or anything. It's so unbelievably rude, but because they're so nice and polite, they make you feel like it'd be rude to just tell them you can't speak to them now and close the door.

I may try that next time, though. If I'm not in the middle of doing 10 other things at the time, that is...

grammardog May 23rd, 2010
Like in every religion, the majority of Mormon people are likely perfectly average people who drink coffee and wear Hanes and have no desire to knock on your door, and like in every religion, it's the zealots who garner most of the interest. Most of the Mormons who've come knocking on my door have been perfectly polite. And also very young... who knows if they even want to be doing it? They just have to put in so many hours of door-knocking to get their wings or whatever it is they get.

iamom May 23rd, 2010
I must admit that I'm pretty curious to know what they talk about as they're trudging slowly down the street. There's no real spring in their step, that's for sure. Are they being all religious and pure in their own private conversation with each other, or are they talking about what a MILF the last woman who answered the door was? I wish I knew.

Next time, maybe I could try to shock them with something. See how much swearing and dirty talk they could stand before taking off on me, or something. I probably wouldn't have the guts, though.

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