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Dustin LindenSmith

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off the wall 1979

Cee Lo Green's new funky soul track (lyrics NSFW)

herbivore, one my LJ friends with the best musical taste, just hipped me to this track through his own journal. Cee Lo Green is probably most famous for his collab with Danger Mouse in 2006's summer smash by Gnarls Barkley called Crazy, but he has a solid musical history with various groups.

As pointed out by herbivore, the lyrics are hilarious and not safe for work or literate children, but the song has a great groove and Cee Lo's singing is, as always, impeccable.


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umbada September 1st, 2010
Great song. I'm doing a hiphop show on ckdu next week and I should close the show with this song because who hasn't had these feelings and besides it's just a good song.


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iamom September 23rd, 2010
No worries, man. And yeah, I did see the real video too. It was very good. He can really sing his ass off, that one.

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