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Dustin LindenSmith

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Is there a reason why I can't go more than 20 entries into the past on my friends page on LJ anymore? There's no more "older" entries link, and if I manually change the URL to skip=40 or whatever, nothing is displayed.


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dizziedumb October 22nd, 2012
i'm not having this problem, but maybe it's a glitch that worked itself out.

in a kind of related topic, which you may be able to help with, i'm wondering why it is that i can't listen to more than roughly 20 minutes of a podcast before it defaults to the next episode. this was especially disappointing the other night when i was listening to sangha followed by a guided meditation... and there i was, settling in, and the damn thing just stopped playing. this happens when i listen to different kinds of podcasts, not just one. and when i open up the app again to play it sometimes it won't let me open the same particular cast.

is this something that usually happens, or is there a default that i can change? because really there's not much point to listening to half of anything :)

iamom October 23rd, 2012
That's pretty weird. Are you listening on an iPod, iPhone, or what? Also, are you listening with headphones that have an in-line mic/remote? If so, is it possible that you're accidentally hitting your remote button and advancing to the next track?

I don't understand why you're not able to reopen and replay the same podcast, however. Most podcasts have a default setting to "remember playback position," meaning that if they were inadvertently skipped ahead partway through, that if you started the same podcast again later, it would resume from where you left off.

dizziedumb October 24th, 2012
i listen on my iphone and usually i have it in a docking station to listen while i am cooking.


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