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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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Some thoughts about work

Thu 5 Oct

I wish I would pay more attention to my instincts sometimes. I made a bad decision last week that my instinct told me not to do; I ignored it and did it anyway, and lost some face with my new boss because of it. Hopefully I made it up later in the day with a good demo I presented to a prospective new client.

I'll have some interesting challenges in my new job, I've learned. Maybe by listening to my instincts more often, I'll be able to address them better. I'm not convinced, for example, that the culture at this company is conducive to true growth - at least not to the potential that exists. Everyone here is clearly segmented into their own respective departments, and nobody is willing to work overtime or with other departments without being forced to.

That alone is interesting to think about. Can a company be really successful with that kind of culture? I mean, from a personal level, that sounds great (you never have to work very hard), but if you're really trying to grow a business in a new market, it will be hard to succeed if everyone is not on board, pulling hard at the oars. I guess the dilemma is with the pace and culture of today's business world in general - especially in the technology sector. It feels like everyone is really on a fast track right now. Except us...