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Dustin LindenSmith

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In a conversation about our work at a party Friday night, I realized that it's okay if my work doesn't give me many chances to interact with people face-to-face. I enjoy a great deal of interaction with people through e-mail and phone, through LJ, and online elsewhere, so I don't often find myself left wanting for personal contact.

I had a fun conversation with an old colleague of mine and trivia buff on Friday morning. I was thoroughly entertained by his descriptions of advances in military technology since WWI, new computer surveillance technology that allows agents to review what's being projected onto your computer screen from a van across the street, and the present-day culture of native Afghan soldiers. I relaxed on the couch until matters turned eventually to our work that day. And by the time that happened, the conversation remained equally pleasant.

Speaking of work, I just learned that another key employee has left our company, but this time for one of our competitors. Geez, you know it's a bad sign when that happens. I know, it happens all the time in business, but I can't remember the last time someone joined our company from the competition. Actually, it may have been with the guy who just left us, and who had stayed with us for more than 8 years after founding our second European office.

Easy come, easy go. In the end, his absence will probably not be much missed, but that speaks to a lack of integration within our company more than anything else. This gentleman's leaving also probably gives me another selling point in the business case I'll be presenting to my bosses the week after next. Today, I'll finish the e-mail I started earlier to this guy and schedule a meeting with him by phone as soon as he's available this week.

I think everything's going to work out okay for that meeting in October. I'll start compiling notes about my proposal throughout the week, and I'll have something prepared to present to them when I arrive. Knowing their schedules as I do, I'll know not to prepare a presentation any longer than 30 minutes. Conciseness and precision will be key objectives for me.

Ahh, it's so beautiful out here right now. The sun is rising over the lake, and the sky is an amazing spectrum of colour from deep indigo to brilliant yellow. I guess I'm not often left wanting for nature, either.

I'm going to go take the dogs for a walk.