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Dustin LindenSmith

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dream logs - not mine

essence had a very cool dream last night. I think it's a protected entry, in case it's not visible to everyone. If it's only friends only, all you have to do to see her dream is add her to your friends list. I think this might do it.

I thought her dream was a good set-up for a nondual science fiction scene. I'm looking for story ideas and plot lines for these experiments in nondual literature I'm undertaking. Something to pique the common interest. Or the specialized interest, as it were. Whatever interest would interest itself in this bit of interest.

kundalinidreams also had a cool dream. He had a dream within a dream. I don't think that's ever happened to me before.

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presentnonexist October 2nd, 2001
is this where i can talk to you?
did you write about that moment when we were talking here in your journal?
i can't find it

everything disappeared for her (cee) as well
in that moment
at the ashram


oh it is so so beautiful
the moment of dissappearance is eternal
the real
the apparent forms of "you" and me" talking
was never really there

there was a (w)hole in the dream in that moment
without the clothes of illusion
oh ecstacy!
you said you feel the experience of nothingness
it is more like "bland"
but mmmmmmmmmm!!!!

if that was bland

it is the seeing of my SELF
in you as you
that is such a thrill
such a joy
and you saw the same at the same moment
imageless mirror!!!!!!!

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