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Dustin LindenSmith

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There's an incredibly funky Drums and Bass group called SubCode, and I've never had much luck finding more than about 5 of their songs. I think I'm going to try out one of those new MP3 sites that I've heard about. I think one was called kazaa.com and another is Morpheus or something. Any advice? Does anyone who's reading this have any experience to relate about either one, or another?

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whipsmart October 19th, 2001
you can find Morpheus at MusicCity.com... I recommend it highly. The big plus in my book is if you get disconnected somehow, you don't always have to start a download over again... you can just start where you left off... and that's big for those of us who are forced to use dial-up connections...

iamom October 19th, 2001
Thanks for that tip. I'll check it out.

kalemachka October 19th, 2001
Morpheus is good. I've had decent luck with it. But nothing compares to the golden days of Napster before the copyright thing went down. You could find anything, no matter how obscure ... [sigh...]

fireceremony October 19th, 2001

Did you try Audiogalaxy.com ?

They have some stuff there....

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