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Dustin LindenSmith

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nice weekend

B and I had a nice, long weekend together. (I pretty much took Friday off to be with her - I'd waited in vain for feedback and some needed information from the head office since Wednesday night, and since I never heard a peep from them for the rest of the week, I didn't feel bad for blowing off my day on Friday.) She came home Thursday night and then left again this afternoon for another 2-week-long trip. I really started to miss her after the first few days last week, and I'm sure I'll miss her lots while she's gone this week and the next, also. I've really been enjoying the time we've been spending together, and we talk several times a day even though she's away. That's one of the perks of having a toll-free phone number for work - she can call me from anywhere, anytime.

I've also been having some fun with our new digital camera. The damned thing has 10x optical zoom! I love it. (There's a review of the camera here if anyone's interested.) I haven't even installed the software for the PC yet, but when I do, I'll probably post a few pics in here. The late afternoon light here, about two hours before dusk, is really beautiful. I've tried to take a lot of pictures at that time of the day. Man, I'll have to try and be discriminating once the baby is born, or we'll have an archive of a million pictures, you know? It'll be nice to have them in electronic format, though - it'll be a lot easier to organize them and keep track of them. I don't think my mom has finished organizing my own baby pictures yet! lol

I had some fun reading some enlightenment stories that awesboss posted in the nonduality community today. The founder of the site in question is also asking for personal enlightenment stories, preferably first-hand, which I'd really enjoy reading. I'm quite smitten with stories and discussion about real-world, real-time enlightenment with ordinary people. Enlightenment's not only for swamis and people with East Indian names - it's nice to see something that tries to take a bit of the mystique out of it. (lol - I don't know if that's what he's really trying to do, but still...)

I also had a field day with Morpheus this weekend. I made 4 new CDs for B's drive today, and also brought down a ton of new stuff for me to listen to. Lots of new drums and bass, jungle, and various hip-hop. I just can't seem to get enough of that stuff right now, and I also can't seem to listen to it loudly enough. Apart from the general feel of the music, which I love, I also like how modern it is. I've been frustrated by jazz and classical lately because it's just so old. I can always appreciate it for what it is, but it doesn't reflect what anybody's doing right now, and it's what's happening right now that's the most interesting for me.

Off to bed - the clock says 10:30, but it feels like it's almost midnight. I also woke up pretty early this morning. There was a beautiful sunrise, as usual.

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lightmare October 28th, 2001
absolutely gorgeous sunrise, you mean. :>
I couldn't even look at it, it was so bright coming over the horizon.
I love that short while when everything gleams orange.

iamom October 29th, 2001
That's so cool that we saw the same sunrise. I never really think about it that way.

I love that orange time, too. I love each aspect, actually. I love it when it just starts coming up, and the top part of the sky is still nightsky while the horizon is just starting to glow a yellowish white. I love it 15 minutes after that, when the sun's still not visible but the horizon is glowing redorangepink and the nightsky is starting to get consumed by the previous yellowish white, and I love it when the sun just peeks over the horizon and everything gleams orange. That effect is heightened in the fall, when the orange from the sun passes through the yellow, orange and red leaves on the trees.


lightmare October 29th, 2001
ive been viewing a record number of sunrises this past week (record, for my own life) waking up at obscene hours.. because I go to sleep so early.

I don't mind, its so peaceful at that hour, and I feel like i am the only one alive.

iamom October 29th, 2001
It's nice to go to bed early and then get up early for that kind of thing, I agree.

gracejustis October 28th, 2001
it's nice to see something that tries to take a bit of the mystique out of it.

I think that's great too!

You're making me hungry for music ;)

New camera

nt October 28th, 2001
The camera looks really good. Kind of broke your budget, didn't you? ;-)

I look forward to seeing some pictures!

Re: New camera

iamom October 29th, 2001
You're not kidding. But she bought it in Calgary - at Saneal, I think it was - and it was on sale, with half as much tax as we'd pay down here. We're both kind of bad about stuff like that, though. Once we see something we really like, we kind of tend to talk ourselves into buying it. :)

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