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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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Found out just last week that my mom will be visiting us from out west for a week at Christmas. It will be very fun to have her visit here - it will be her first time out since we moved into this house last year. I just sent a bit of a stream-of-consciousness e-mail to her a few minutes ago, and it struck me somewhat like a journal entry.


Spent some rewarding time on my shoulders and upper chest this evening. Struck some poses using the doorjambs for support which resulted in deep tissue stretches throughout several muscle groups around the complete circumference of my shoulder and underarm.

Depending on the muscle groups I'm working on at any given time, I often conceive of specially-designed wooden frames against which one could brace for safety during some of these deeper stretches. Nothing I have much time to work on at the moment, but certainly interesting to give some thought to as a potential future business opportunity. I always like thinking about potential new business opportunities, or at least opportunities for expansion, collaboration, or interaction. (I also don't discount the possibility that studying hatha yoga with an experienced teacher could remove the perceived need for structural support; yet another reason why I'm looking forward to our 1-week intensive at Christmas.)

It's similarly along that vein that I'm ruminating upon the teacher training brochure, actually (I'm thinking of the frame analogy, now). I'm looking for the value-added nugget of information or incentive around which to centre this presentation. It would be fruitful if you could think in broad, conceptual strokes to help me with this exercise. I'm looking for ways to highlight the most salient benefits of this program in 3 short paragraphs or less. Ultimately, a vision or mission statement of 1 to 2 sentences would also be of benefit to us.

Once that nugget is found - the "organizing principle," as it were, to quote a term from my Psych class - the rest of the pieces will fall neatly into place. At least, that has been my consistent experience with life in the past 6-10 months. Do you have a similar experience of that?

hari OM