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Dustin LindenSmith

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easy online photo publishing

Okay, I don't know how long these guys will be around, because they have a great service but it's totally free, but I saw vyoma's albums up there and I thought I'd give it a try.

My first album is here - it's some pictures of the pond and forest behind our house from last month. The "home page" for all the albums is here It only took me ten minutes from start to finish to create this album, and that includes setting up my account. What a great site. More pics to come!

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vyoma November 3rd, 2001
Nice place! The only thing behind my house is another house.

ImageEvent is great. I bought a premium account ($24.95/year to store up to 1500 photos) and recently bought space for 1500 more because my quota was nearly full already. I haven't had any problems with availability, and when a certain extremist fellow decided to spam the comments sections on my pictures, the people who run the site had the problem fixed for me in a matter of minutes.

iamom November 3rd, 2001
That's great to hear. I just sent them an e-mail, commending them for their service so far - the first fifteen minutes have been great! If the service is really that good, I'll probably get a premium account also.

Do you know if you can also link directly to the images on their site, or do you always have to look through their photo albums? The albums work great, but sometimes I know I'll want to link directly to the pictures.

vyoma November 3rd, 2001
All you need to do is click on the photo you want to link; that will open a new window, at the bottom of which will be a link that says "Direct links and info". Click on that and you'll get a window that gives you the URL to link directly to the photo, incorporate it into your website, etc.

iamom November 3rd, 2001
That is so beautiful. Thanks for the tip. (looks around for credit card)

We should do some marketing for these guys, whaddaya think? They're in CA somewhere - you could do a face-to-face with them. lol

vyoma November 3rd, 2001
I plan on giving them a call when I start my new gig on the 19th. I'm going to try and work it out with the boss (I'll have a boss again -- weird) to get them a discount on recruiting fees. I've been really happy with their service; they seem like a quality operation. I don't know if I'd be any good at marketing, but I may be able to track down someone for them who would be!

gwen42 November 3rd, 2001
wow... beautiful.

i wonder how much the train to halifax is...

iamom November 3rd, 2001
Ah, now you're talking.

soulsearching November 3rd, 2001
do you know how big is the storage size of a free account? I got a MSN account but I almost used it up already now searching for another place to put my photos :(

iamom November 3rd, 2001
I haven't noticed any mention of size contraints - the only limitation I can see is with respect to the number of photos you upload. Seems weird to me, actually. 50 huge TIFFs take up a lot more room than little JPEGs, for example.

lightmare November 4th, 2001
only had a few moments to look through them when i returned late today, but i can already tell they are beautiful. Are these the photos you want me to work with for your userpics, or do you have more?

iamom November 4th, 2001
I hadn't thought of that. Sure, those would be great. I have a picture of my face I'd kind of like you to use too, but I should just e-mail that to you instead.


lightmare November 4th, 2001
sure thing

nt November 6th, 2001
Those are some nice shots! What a beautiful area you live in.

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