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Dustin LindenSmith

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Swami Veda on psychology

You can solve all your psychological problems spiritually. It's only a matter of transcending - not dwelling on them, but transcending. But not everybody has the skill to do it, the determination to do it, or purification enough to see where the psychology is getting mixed up with their interpretation of spirituality. So it blocks your progress. But there are those who have risen above their personal psychologies by resorting to the spiritual. Okay? Can you imagine Jesus Christ being taken to a psychiatrist's couch? (Laughter). "Come on, what makes you such a masochist? What relationship did you have with your father?"
--excerpted from a recent talk by Swami Veda Bharati

That's a good one. It seems to be an effective approach for most psychological issues or problems in life; one can look beyond them, rise above them; one can let the experience take place without the emotions getting overly involved.

I've also found that within moments after identifying a problem, it disappears. As soon as I become aware of it, it's immediately revealed for its inherently arbitrary and emotional foundation. Knowing that the emotional representation is not accurately reflective of pure Self, the problem crumbles away to dust before I know it. A constant rising and destruction of thoughts and events. A cycle, neverending, but not essential to the Self. The Self is the sky, always there, and the problems are passing clouds. Even when appearing to be obscured during stormy weather, it's impossible to look up without seeing the sky. Always there.

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vyoma November 12th, 2001
I think this principle has a lot to do with Tantric tutelary deities (what are usually called istadevata). The istadevata is an embodiment of a two-faced coin, usually with both a wrathful and peaceful aspect. The wrathful aspect is a negative psychological aspect of a person embodied -- a sticking point. The beneficent aspect is the means to resolution, and thus is represented as a transcendent deity. Bhairava is a good example; as Kankalabhairava, he's essentially an impure deity, wrathful and terrible, holding a skull and/or having a skeletal appearance, living amongst corpses, accompanied by dogs, etc. As Kaalabhairava, though, he's pure, represented as a young boy, peaceful, etc. You'll see similar situations for any Tantric devata you might choose to look at. This is what people wind up calling vamamarga and daksinamarga -- left and right hand paths.

ramble ramble :)

vyus November 12th, 2001
i still like psychiatrists, all else equal ;)

a certain level of maturity needs to be reached before this idea of trascendence, this evolution, can be realized, and sometimes people get stuck before they acquire this maturity.

i think the western philosophy of science is one of the great contributions to our development.

awesboss November 13th, 2001
I think this is true what you say. I believe Swami Veda is alluding to that when he says a person needs the skill, determination, purification. Psychiatry can free a person to move to the spiritual. I just put something on my website which describe the seven stages of life as described by the controversial Da Free John. It's here, in case anyone's interested. It describes the growth process and where a person can get blocked. Psychiatry can definitely get a person unstuck from the first three stages of life.

chaizzilla November 14th, 2001
so can a solid axe blow to the cranium.

iamom November 14th, 2001
Okay, now I think you're just in a bad mood today. That's cool, too. If you want to vent about something, feel free. I'm here to listen.

chaizzilla November 14th, 2001
actually the quote stirred it up. and i was dead serious about what i just said. it may sound funny & ironic but it's equally valid taken face value. if you see the buddha on the road, kill him, so they say.

lakshmi November 13th, 2001
I can really identify with this quote..Thanks - made my day!

chaizzilla November 14th, 2001
purification schmurification.

"Come on, what makes you such a masochist? What relationship did you have with your father?"

it's a valid question, especially for the only begotten son of god, sent here to pay for the so-called sins of us all as determined by a judgemental and vindictive asshole of a father.

oh but oops there goes that dirty psychology again, where *did* i leave my auto-lobotomy kit? shit, musta dropped it last time i was transcending the light at the end of the tunnel or something.

yo soy la grincha de las vedas.

iamom November 14th, 2001
My dear 'zilla, your points are duly noted, but it does sound like you might be imposing a personal reality over your interpretation of the religious scenario which you describe. May I ask something about the general quality of your relationship with your own father? How would you describe that relationship?

I asked vyoma some questions about his father recently, too. I'm interested in hearing about peoples' experiences with their parents; I'd like to investigate the extent to which those experiences affect how we manifest our personalities today.

chaizzilla November 14th, 2001
my father's an oddball w/some strange family history. same can be said for pretty much anyone on my family tree.

my problem was much more with the yaweh as portrayed in the old testament, i mean the guy practically gave aron a hand job for killing the levites or some crazy hairbained thing to be doing while wandering the desert..

if i went for the whole jesus/divinity idea i think it would simply make sense that god realised he was getting teed off at his creations kinna often and rather than another low-ratings-had-he-bothered-to-leave-any-critics-alive move like the flood, he made the first brilliant move since before the snake/tree/testy thing (psychology would call that stunt a bit passive-aggressive, and disfunctional behaviour in a relationship to boot) and decided, well shit, maybe i should go find out what it's like myself. i'm assuming some of the stuff that ended up coming out of his mouth and why it's in the "new" testament, in addition to his eventual crucifixion, was a little bit suprising for the guy.

now i can't get this madTV skit out of my head where jesus keeps having to ressuract judas repeatedly coz the terminator got sent back in time to kill judas, hee, jesus lost his temper "you don't get it!" hmm, might have been more visual, the glow coming of jesus's hands & stuff and the expressions he made were hilarious.

i prolly should have just said up front me and the swami's don't do well at mixers. the purity & transcendance thing is a little bleugh for my taste, we're already pure; transcendance is a simple decision, engaging the world isn't. why would i want to go around transcending when if all is void, where can the dust alight? i think practice and/or spirituality comes in various flavours b/c there's a baskin-robbins assortment of temperments in the wee beasties we who pursue such diversions.

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