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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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plugging LJ and I AM

C: (10:03 AM) wow, that journal sounds cool. is it public?
iamOM: (10:04 AM) Certain parts are. You can restrict viewing access to any group of people as you wish: the public, "friends" only (other LiveJournal users whom you have identified as a "friend" i.e. acceptable reader), subset of your friends according to your wishes, or completely private.
iamOM: (10:05 AM) You can also disable the message boards if you don't want to receive comments on your entries.
C: (10:06 AM) that's going to be so cool to look back on later on.
iamOM: (10:07 AM) Actually, I had some fun by data entering some old paper journal entries of mine - they go back until 98 or something on the web now. And it's very, very trippy to look back over those times in the past and see what I was thinking about.
C: (10:08 AM) i bet they're worth a read...
C: (10:08 AM) you're going to make it very easy for yourself to write an autobiography.
iamOM: (10:08 AM) I hadn't thought of that. I don't think I could ever write one, though. At least, not in the form of a full-length book. I can give you my autobiography in two words: I am.