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Dustin LindenSmith

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I've been fully absorbed in sales lately at work. It's a different place to be. I'm learning a lot from it, though. Although, it's a different kind of learning - one which I've come to enjoy. To be more precise, I've found myself needing to refine existing knowledge and skills, as opposed to acquiring additional knowledge and skills. It has made for an introspective period of taking stock, and focusing on certain areas more closely than all of them.

As B's belly starts to grow visibly, I've also noticed an increased awareness about our new arrival next spring. Even though that's a very long time from now, I feel myself preparing for the exercise by proactively developing increased efficiencies in my usage of mental, physical and environmental resources. Further, I don't find that any effort is required on my part to affect these changes; it would suffice simply to observe that they are occurring.

(after re-reading last paragraph) Okay, I have to admit that my approach appears to have become quite passive. But there's an important semantic difference between passive and idle. In my practice of passivity and observation, I make a point of not being idle. It is possible to do that.

Even though there is no idle.

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kumaraka November 26th, 2001
Cool icon!

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