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Dustin LindenSmith

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(no subject)

I feel like I've done a mind meld with the computer today. It hasn't been on LJ too much lately, but more focused on work. In any event, it feels like I've been plugged in to the computer for long stretches at a time.

I shouldn't skip my class like I did today, either. I was working on something too urgent at the time, but that's usually an indicator of mismanaged time prior to the event in question.

I know I'm writing it off a bit because I know I won't be able to sit for the test next week, either. Funny how the timing worked out like that - I was also away for the first test. However, I've established a good relationship with the course coordinator, and she easily recognizes me by sight, now. I'll e-mail her a bit later this evening to discuss my arrangements for writing the test at a later date.

I don't remember the profs being anywhere nearly this accommodating at McGill, but there are too many variables at play to figure out what the differences are between the two environments. All I know is that this professor is very understanding and frequently goes out of her way to take care of me. There's about 250 students in my section alone, so that shows a lot of dedication. I hope I get to indicate as much in a teacher evaluation form at the end of the course.

Doop-dee-doo, the sky is blue...

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awesboss November 27th, 2001
always good to catch up to you through the journal.

iamom November 27th, 2001
Thanks, man. Did you have fun Sat night?

vyus November 30th, 2001
let me know if you ever start doing digital recording with your computer. i'd love to get a taste of some of these musicalities you refer to... down here it isn't easy to find this kind of improv.

iamom December 2nd, 2001
Okay man, I 'll do that. Couldn't tell you when that would be, but I'll remember to keep you in the loop if and when it happens.

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