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Dustin LindenSmith

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Boston, chigger, Survivor

First, many thanks to lightmare for the new userpics. Kate, you're a great artist, even with my goofy mug.

Got back from Beantown last evening - I shaved a half-hour off the drive home, making it back in 12.5 hours despite having to sit through Friday morning rush-hour traffic on route 128 before the exit to I-93 into Boston. (Heh - don't I sound like a local?) It was a very nice trip though, and the weather was amazing. I enjoyed my second day there the most, having taken the subway from Cambridge into downtown and walked around the incredible maze of streets down there. It was also an interesting exercise in equanimity, because I really felt like I wasn't even there while I was walking around. Except that a lot of people smiled at me, for some reason. Maybe I looked like a tourist or something. I had a briefcase wrapped around one shoulder and a laptop around the other, carrying a bottle of wine for our last night's dinner in one hand and a bag of honey-roasted peanuts in the other. I probably ate a bit too much while I was there.

Chigger update: It's moving several times a day now, and I'm pretty sure I felt it last night - it was like a faint poking against my fingers when I pressed against B's belly. I've found myself showering a lot of affection onto B and the dogs lately, and I think it's at least in part because of the baby. I'm getting excited about its coming. We had our second ultrasound last Monday, but I haven't scanned the pics in yet. The little chigger looks a lot more like an alien this time though, so the pics are a bit creepy... :)

I enjoyed this week's Survivor - I watched it on tape this afternoon. In the beginning, I really wanted Lex to get kicked off, but I'm not displeased with how it turned out. I'm impressed with Brandon's foresight in establishing his commitment to Lex in order to improve his chances of making it to the final four. I'm not convinced that he'll make it all the way, but I'll be surprised if he doesn't outlast Lex. And if for some reason he and Lex were to make it to the end, I think Brandon would win. At the very least, he'd have Kelly's vote. Too bad Clarence won't be on the jury. Lex, Lex, Lex, you weird motherfucker. You'll prove that an overinflated ego will usually bite you in the ass in the end. I think Big Tom's simple outlook will turn on Lex next week. At least, that's what the preview would seem to suggest. Bummer for the other girls, though, 'cause I'll bet they're gonna start dropping next. Cute little Kim, and Theresa... Frank has been out of the limelight for awhile, which will probably help him to squeak through a couple of tribal councils. And of course, we can't forget about Ethan, who's a great athlete, a great guy, and who can resist those sweet eyes of his, right? He should get some of the women's votes from the jury for sure...

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gwen42 December 8th, 2001
i was just thinking about you. did you have fun then?
this week has been hell.
there is absolutely no way i could have met you.
another time.

hai_kah_uhk December 9th, 2001
bostonians can be friendly. i was there for thanksgiving and i'll go again for christmas/new year and i always feel like i belong. except lately i've been feeling old, since the T is always full of college kids. i want to be 20 and a MassArt undergrad again.

a note from Dom: Survivor would be better if they took all the contrived fluff out. They should really put a bunch of people on an island with nothing (not even catered food! *gasp*) and see who survives. I think at least in the US there's an audience now. Many people are wondering how well affluent Americans would survive if our civilisation were blown to smithereens. My version of Survivor would be reassuring or disturbing, depending on how many contestants starve or get eaten by wild animals or poisoned by pretty red berries.

iamom December 10th, 2001
i want to be 20 and a MassArt undergrad again

Ha - I know what you mean, there. I thoroughly enjoyed my walk through the Harvard campus, watching the students going from one building to the next... I think it would be fun to live that life again. Fun to interact with those young people, all purposeful and idealistic... :)

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