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Dustin LindenSmith

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Brad Fitzpatrick, our illustrious founder, is interviewed in the current issue of shift magazine in the context of blogging becoming one of the top ten trends to watch out for in 2002. He said some cool things. I was proud to see him there, and to see LJ get such a nice plug. I didn't know that there was an LJ client for the Palm OS. My Palm doesn't connect to the internet though, so that wouldn't be too useful for me. I'm always here at home anyway.

Another early blogger, Matt Haughey, was featured for a community he founded a couple years ago called MetaFilter, which I've never heard of but looks interesting. Appears to be a community blog with a large number of members. The article is published online here.

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xenofalcon December 31st, 2001
Actually, you don't have to have your Palm connect to the Internet; there is an AvantGo client available which will upload all of the entries that you have made on the device when you sync it with your Internet-connected computer. Works like a charm. ^_^

iamom January 1st, 2002
Well that's pretty cool, then. I could definitely see myself using that.

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