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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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90 minutes to Y2K

Fri 31 Dec

We're in a beautiful farmhouse less than two hours away from celebrating the end of this century. We've overeaten and drunk too much, but we are having a good time together.

My head and mood feel heavy though, and not just from drink. I feel that there must be some tangible evidence that we in fact exist other than through this tangible human form. I cannot imagine that we were placed here or that we materialized in this form only to vainquish the childish mathematics of the stock market or to purchase the perfect SUV or summer cottage. God, we must as a society re-examine our priorities at a most basic level. I believe that our grandchildren will look back on our history and ask themselves why it took us so long to discover and cherish what is Truly Important. When they ask us this, we shall tell them that we were only waiting for our coming of age.