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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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(no subject)

Mon 1 Jan

Is it significant that nothing seems significant to me? There has been an equalizing effect on my life and its occurrences as my Self-awareness has deepened. It seems like all the different occurrences and events in my life that were all once so meaningful (and parts of the big complicated puzzle I was always trying to figure out), are no longer of any specific importance in and of themselves. In the most literal way, all of my days are starting to run together into one basic occurrence. There's nothing more important or different about any one of these days when I compare them to each other.

That very observation alone might prove to be an important realization about how to live well as a human (another thing I'm always trying to figure out). If you can profoundly understand the meaninglessness of different moments in the day (that is, seeing only the one without a second), while simultaneously interacting with and contributing to your family and society, then you might be on your way to mastering an important challenge in life.

Nisargadatta again: Keep attending to the IAM - until you revert to it spontaneously.