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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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(last updated January 18th, 2010)

I became a jazz musician at the age of nine, got my Bachelor of Music at McGill University (studied there from 1992-1996) and got married to my beautiful wife in 1996. My family now includes a gorgeous 7 year-old daughter, an rambunctious 3 year-old son, a beautiful 2 year-old son, and two Labrador Retrievers. We live in a new home we had built in 2007 on a lake in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

For most of my working career, I've been a marketing researcher, a database developer and an IT project manager. I also have a penchant for technical writing, copyediting, and writing music and other reviews. My not-so-secret dream is to write and/or produce content for CBC Radio, but that dream is temporarily on hold while I stay at home during the day to raise our brood. With whatever spare time I have left over (which isn't much), I try to play as much music as I can with my excellent local jazz/funk organ quartet called Two By Two.

Quite a bit of what I write on here these days has to do with meditation, nonduality, parenting, and jokes. A lot of personal stuff aside from the jokes usually is protected by friends-only or restricted lists, so if you'd like to see any of that stuff and know me personally, feel free to get in touch.

Otherwise, have a great day and be nice to your kids!